Compatible for Ford F-150 04-08 Mark LT 06-08 2WD w/z Hats Fully Assembled Strut Shock set


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Compatible for Ford F-150 2004 - 2008 RWD

Compatible for Mark LT 2006 - 2008 RWD

Interchange Part Number

4L3Z18124AA, 4L3Z18124BB, 4L3Z18124CA,

6L3Z18125L, 6L3Z18125N, 7L3Z18124R, 7L3Z18125R,

5L3Z18124GA, 5L3Z18124HA, 5L3Z18125AA,

5L3Z18125GA, 5L3Z18125HA, 5L3Z18124FA,

6L3Z18124CH, 5L3Z18125EA, 5L3Z18125FA,

6L3Z18124AH, 6L3Z18124CF, 6L3Z18124CG£¬

6L3Z18124FG, 6L3Z18124FH, 6L3Z18124JA,

181362 58642


Product included: springs and shocks for front, shocks for rear

Top mounts: Front-Yes£¬pillow ball top mounts

rear£ºnot available

Damping: not available

Spring rate: front-15Kg

Adjustable height: Yes, loweing 1inch 

Shock type: Twin tube

Color: blue


- Able to lower ride height by 1''-3''; allows user to have a more aggressive stance.

- The user can enjoy a comfortable riding experience in all road conditions.

- Twin-Tube Shock design is used for low internal frictional resistance in order to increase efficiency and keep shock temps low. 

- Height adjustment does not sacrifice damper stroke length. 

- These coilovers are able to have their height adjusted without being taken out of the car.

- Most components of the suspension parts are made from 6061-T6 aluminum to increase strength and rigidity.

- High Tensile strength performance spring---Tested under a 600,000 time continuous compression test, the spring distortion was less than 0.04%. Plus, the special surface treatment improves the durability and performance.

- Adjustment tools included in the kit.


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