Oil Catch Can Tank compatible for Dodge Challenger compatible for RAM 1500 5.7L 6.4L HEMI Z Bracket


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Compatible for Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500 5.7L 6.4L HEMI (8 Speed ​​Transmission) 2009-2019
Compatible for Dodge Charger, compatible for Dodge Challenger, compatible for Chrysler 300, for 6.4L SRT8

Hose: Heat / Oil / Petroleum / Goodyear HP 1/2 inch Hose
Filter: Unique Three Chamber Design
Catch Can Dimensions: 5 1/2" Tall x 2 1/2" Wide
Items Included:
-Billet catch can
-Allen wrench
-Z bracket
-1/2 inch Nickel fittings
-1/2 inch Goodyear HP Hose
Condition: 100% Brand New

-Please allow 2-3mm Measurement error
-If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Installation Instructions
Step 1-Remove the factory or aftermarket air intake tube. (Removing 2 hose clamps and 1 sensor plug)
Step 2-Remove the factory engine cover by lifting the front and pulling towards you. (Hose Cut-Out n Rear Alignment Pins on Intake Cover)
Step 3-Remove the PCV Hose from the Throttle Body and Top of Intake Manifold (Remove the 2 rubber ends on each side for a much cleaner install than the 2 Adapter Barbed Fittings)
Step 4-Install compatible for Dodge Ram Catch Can in the Hole in the Front of the Cylinder Head. (The Mounting Hole is just at the Lower Left of the Freeze-Out Plug in the Passenger Cylinder Head)
Step 5-Now you can Install the 1/2" Hoses on each side of the UPR compatible for Dodge Ram Catch Can. (Catch Can has a 1/2" Straight Barb Fitting for a Straight Shot to the Intake Manifold)
Step 6-Re-install your Air Intake Hose and Factory Engine Cover to Finish. (Now Double Check all your Work)

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