GT35 GT3582 Turbo Charger T3 AR.70/63 Anti-Surge Compressor Turbocharger Bearing


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Compatible for 2007-12 Cummins Truck, Bus with ISM, ISME, M11 Engine
Compatible for 21999-09 Cummins Truck Bus, Truck Delta Alpha Plus with M11 Engine
Horse Power: Capable of Boosting Horse Power up to 600HP

Exhaust Inlet (Turbo Manifold) Flange: T3 Flange
Exhaust Outlet (Downpipe) Flange: 4-Bolt
Turbine Trim: 84.2
Turbine A/R: 0.63
Turbine Inducer Diameter: 68mm
Turbine Exducer Diameter: 62.4mm
Compressor Trim: 56.9
Compressor A/R: 0.7
Compressor Inducer Diameter: 61.5mm
Compressor Exducer Diameter: 81.5mm
Bearing Type: Wet Float
Cooling Type: Water + Oil
Internal Wastegate: No
Warranty: 1-year for any manufacturing defects
Compress Inlet Size(Air intake): 4 inches (103.5mm)
Compressor Outlet Size: 2.5 inches (63.6mm)
Wastegate: External Wastegate
Oil feed/inlet: M10*7/16-24
Oil drain/outlet: 2*M8*1.25
Water inlet/outlet: M14* 1.5
Maximum PSI: 2
The thread of the oil inlet: M16X18.56,
Diameter of oil return hole: 20MM
Impeller: Five-axis CNC milling process

Product Material
1. Turbine housing: Ductile iron QT450-10 shell with high-temperature resistance up to 700 degrees Celsius
2. Steel Turbine Wheel: Made from the special K418 alloy to achieve high oxidation resistance and stability under high temperatures up to 900 degrees Celsius
3. Compressor housing: ZL104 aluminum
4. compressor wheel/blades: Cast aluminium with good gas tightness and corrosion resistance
5. Max HP: UP to 600hp

Product Feature
1. Excellent Design:
Excellent Design And Processing and durable floating bearing structure + high-precision blade dynamic balance
2. High Temperature Resistance:
special K418 alloy Turbine Wheel can withstand exhaust temperature Above 900°
3. High Efficiency:
High efficiency and low inertia intake and exhaust blades can greatly reduce turbo lag
4. Durable:
Water-cooled/oil-cooled structure extends turbine service life
5. 100% BALANCING TEST: This Turbocharger you will receive has been balanced using the VSR machine technology.

Product Performance
1. Rich Experience In Turbo Production And Own Factory
2. Quality Assurance
3. High Performance Rotor
4. High-Speed ​​​​Oil Seal Ring
5. Strict Quality Inspection
6. Precision Clearance
7. High-speed Accessories
8. Increase Engine Power
9. Improve Emissions & Save Oil

Installation Suggestions
We highly recommend you make sure the points below before installing:
1.Replace the air filter: if the if the air filter is not replaced may cause the compressor wheel damage.
2.Replace the engine oil: Because floating bearing and turbocharger will be damaged by impurities in the old oil.
3.After large overhaul, the engine cannot be replaced with a new turbocharger because there are too much impurities in oil after overhauling which will damage the replacement turbocharger immediately.
Please run the old turbocharger for 7-10 days and then replace to new turbocharger and new engine oil.

To protect the turbocharger and your car engine, the Air
* Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)
* For any needs please contact us
* This is universal application turbo, so modification might be required for some vehicles.

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